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we make games
that bring people together.

We are a 100% remote game studio from Brazil, specialized in online multiplayer. We make independent titles and also work for clients creating the coolest games for PC, browsers, mobile and consoles.

our games

our games

We have a commitment to deliver great games that makes people bond together and leave a positive message!

work with us

We are constantly working on new projects and helping other studios with their game development and art needs.  We can help with art outsourcing, multiplayer development, or general game development work.  


If you have a project that you think would be a great fit, drop us a message.

work with us

about the studio

BitCake was formed back in 2013 by an unexpected group of 6 who got together to build games in another studio's kitchen. After going through a lot together, 8 years later we are a team of over 20 people on a mission to bring people together through joy by playing. If you want to know more about our story, check it out here

We are experts in online multiplayer and have experienced with a variety of platforms, having released games for PC, Browsers, Mobile, and Consoles. 

Want to join us? Check out our openings and work philosophy.

about us

get in touch!

If you are working on a project that would be a good fit for our team, or need help developing a new game, drop us a message. We are always looking for exciting new games!

Message sent!

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